Monday, January 25, 2021

Video project update...

 ... coming to a badly neglected Youtube channel near you soon, hopefully.

Character generation is now working on the video processor. (This is not a bitmap test plate, this is a 2000 byte buffer being rendered using an 8 row by six column character font derived from the character generator ROM used by the Commodore LCD portable prototype from the mid-1980s. 64 character and lower text modes use standard byte-wide fonts.) Better yet, character generation is being done using a "unified" memory model, no dedicated character ROM. This means software defined characters in RAM might actually be a done deal.

Bonus: this doesn't require any more chips than the other way. Assuming I'm not utterly, completely, hopelessly wrong about my prospects of getting this interfaced to a 6502 CPU we've essentially jumped from Commodore PET to VIC-20 levels of technical sophistication. Hooray?!

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